The Meaning of Anamiva


Sanskrit Definition of Anamiva

Sanskrit word meaning comfortable, well, free from disease, good health, or a happy state.

Sanskrit Spelling: अनमीव

In Sanskrit, the prefix "ANA" means to be without/free from/against, the root "MIVA" means disease, bad health. Therefore we define Anamiva as to be free from disease and bad health

In sanskrit, the word disease is translated to vyādhi. The prefix vi means special; supreme; highest or subtle, the root ādhi then means disease; physical ailment; more precisely, a physical and mental condition where you are helplessly and completely (ā) grounded (dhi).


Our Interpretation

As a community and blog, Anamiva Yoga creates posts, and sequences, and environment that fosters good health and a balanced state for every person.
We strive to continually improve ourselves in both our personal practice and professional practice, using Anamiva as a way to guide us.

At it's core, we want to help everyone to feel better in their bodies and lives, guiding them in a practice that supports a comfortable, balanced life lessening the effects of disease.