In the practice of Yoga one can emphasize the body, the mind or the self hence the effort can never be fruitless.
— Sri Tirumalai Krishnamachariya

Why Private Yoga Therapy?

Sometimes going to a regular public yoga class isn't the right fit. Private yoga therapy sessions assist and guide a student step-by-step toward co-created goals to improve the student's quality of life.

Your yoga therapist will modify sequences and provide apt variations to cater to your physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Also, the well trained therapists associated with Anamiva Yoga can teach students with a wide range of symptoms and conditions.

To learn more about Anamiva's Mission and Core Values, you can find information on the Anamiva Story page


What Conditions Can Yoga Therapy Assist? 

• Cardiovascular Conditions
• Digestive Issues
• Urinary and Reproductive Conditions
• Nervous System Balance and Regulation
• Circulatory Issues

• Conditions of the Spine
• Trauma and PTSD
• Anxiety/Depression
• General Health and Weight Loss
• Chronic Pain/Pain Management

You can book a consultation with the yoga therapist closest to you to see if Yoga Therapy is the right fit for you!

What Can I Expect At My Yoga Therapy Session?

All yoga therapy sessions are taught one-on-one. Sessions begin with a self-assessment, intake, and discussion of the conditions and symptoms you are experiencing, as well as the goals you wish to achieve. Additional assessments of your mobility, pain, strength, stability,  and energy levels allow your therapist to better learn where you may need support and instruction. Each session includes a mixture of postures, breathing exercises, meditation, self-reflection, and discussion on how we can use the many practices of yoga to improve your quality of life.

You'll also receive at least one home practice to continue your yoga therapy between sessions! Your therapist tailors a practice to fit your time and space restraints, and your yoga therapist will provide to you a highly detailed copy of your customized practice including of what you have discussed, what you have practiced, and continued suggestions for improvement. You will also receive access to guided audio meditations and breathing exercises.

How Should I Dress?

· Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move with ease, even the first intake session! Each session will include various physical movements.

· Most yoga practices are done without shoes, but that does NOT mean you have to go barefoot! If you are more comfortable keeping your shoes on, or if you require shoes for various reasons, you may keep your shoes on. Just let your therapist know what you require.

· You may sweat. Your sessions will include movement according to your ability level and you might break a light sweat from time to time. If you are expecting a certain fitness level, or would like to avoid sweating, please communicate this with your yoga therapist!

Ready to Book Your Consultation?

Great, Anamiva Yoga is incredibly excited to work with you! You can book a consultation or yoga therapy session through the individual yoga therapist's landing pages.



All Anamiva Yoga affiliated Yoga Therapists offer consultations for private yoga therapy to see if yoga therapy is the right fit for you. These 15-30 minute consultations can happen either over the phone or video call.

Private Therapy Yoga Techniques

Various Flows (Vinyasa, Hatha)
Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga
Breath and Body Awareness
Breathing Techniques and Pranayama
Ayurveda Lifestyle Suggestions
Mindfulness Techniques
Chanting and Mantra
Yoga Nidra
Self-Reflection and Yoga Philosophy

Sessions & Rates

All first time yoga therapy students are required to purchase the Holistic Health Package, a 3 session package that includes self-assessment, intake, discussion, and in-depth practices for your specific needs.

Each therapist offers packages for returning students as well as single sessions.

Due to locations and differences in currencies, please refer to specific location for rates!
Portland, Oregon
Bangalore, India