The Anamiva Team

Anamiva Yoga was founded by two individuals after connecting through the Krishnamacharya Lineage and Yoga Therapy


Kelsey Keagle

Growing up in the Midwest, I moved to the West Coast searching for a culinary career - I wanted to connect with people, learn about other world traditions and cultures, and ultimately see a smile on someone's face after they finish a great meal. However, working in the customer service and food industry became increasingly stressful and less satisfying as I moved up the restaurant food chain. I had to find somewhere else to let off my steam, as both my physical and mental health started to suffer through my workload as a manager, so I was determined to find a healthy alternative practice. I first found my mat as a way to find relaxation, stress relief, and a community of people outside of my job - and what I found fulfilled me in a deeper way than I could have expected.

After developing a daily Vinyasa and hot yoga practice, not only did my body feel great, but yoga helped me to feel alive again. Getting lost in your work doesn't have to be negative, but I hadn't even realized the way that my work had changed my relationships, body image, and both physical and mental health. Yoga helped me to find myself again and empower me to create the changes I needed most.

I jumped into my first 200hr yoga teacher training, started to teach in various studies in Portland, and immediately saw changes in my life that I had been searching for. Being a yogi isn't about being the most bendy, most athletic, or most advanced practitioner. To me, being a yogi is about being human - being real, being authentic, and connecting ultimately with yourself. This is the way that I teach. We all come to class with our own stories, but for that hour or so that we get to be together, it's about you letting go of those stories and meeting yourself in that moment, fully experiencing all the good and the not so great parts of being human.

After teaching for over 2 years, I decided to leave my restaurant management job and fully pursue a career as a full-time yoga therapist. Why yoga therapy? Because I feel that the way we teach yoga in the modern world is no longer helpful for the individual - the belief that one practice fits all. Instead, yoga therapy is the science of the self, and treats the person, not the symptoms or external factors.

Through research and sifting through many programs, I found myself registering for Yoga Therapy International's 1000-hour yoga therapy program - based in Canada and India and within a strong yoga lineage. Over the course of the program, I have been able to develop new and old skills, and for my yoga therapy students, I feel that my unique set of skills can help to build trust, make informed choices, and guide the student to a set of yoga practices. I want my students to have healthful, bright, and fulfilling lives, and to see yoga as a set of sustainable practices to use throughout their life.

My background includes music (percussion and drums), leadership and management roles, and food or culinary arts. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Nutrition and Public Health, and I am a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 yoga teacher. Certification as an C-IAYT Yoga Therapist is anticipated for May 2019, with 1000 hour of classroom hours and 70 hours of internship completed.

prerna Ramanathan

Originally born in Mumbai, India, and brought up in Dubai, UAE, I have been living in Bangalore, India for over a decade. Being a trained classical dancer for eight years as well as sprinting in my early years helped me develop my physique, build stamina, and bestow grace and body confidence, and built a foundation of body awareness that I now use in my yoga practice.

As a child, I was briefly introduced to yoga through the Art of Living organisation. However, I officially started practicing yoga with my teacher when I was 16 years old. I’ve been practicing yoga for over 9 years. What truly inspired me to take to yoga teaching was the personal liberation and change in direction of my life’s goal after those years of consistent practice. Yoga transformed me into a much deeper and caring person which made me want to connect with more people. I started to value my relationships with people in a better light, respect my body and mind, become sensitive to other’s needs - understanding the larger ordeals of life. Now, I do all that I can to reach out to people who need to be guided.

After I graduated with my Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology, I plunged into my first International Teacher Training Course from one of the most reputed Centres in Bangalore called 1000 Yoga. Here is where I qualified to become an RYT 200 with an RYS 200 certification by the Yoga Alliance. Soon after that I wanted to go deeper with my training. I found myself a space in Sivananda Vedanta Ashram where I received another RYT 200 certificate and experienced a gurukul learning experience under experienced teachers of the Swami Sivananda lineage.

My comfort with children of all ages and concern for children's wellbeing prompted me to also take a RCYS course (Registered Children’s Yoga School) which is a certified Yoga Alliance course to teach Children starting from the age of 5 years and above.

I’ve taught as a full time teacher for two years in an international school and instruct personal private yoga classes in my home. There’s a lot more I learnt through teaching yoga, such as understanding the needs of my students’ bodies, structuring an appropriate class plan to keep it both engaging and holistic, instructing with clarity for my students to comprehend, and gaining awareness on different physical and mental conditions.

I hold great value to having a personal practice every single day which is a special time within my sacred space to focus on my inner being and connect with it solely. Being active on social media, I have found a community of instructors globally that inspire me and that give me the motivation to continue even when life is hard.

A lesson in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras we are asked to always develop is an attitude of being a learner and an explorer because once we start to believe that we have acquired all the knowledge there is to know, we become less humble and grounded. Taking this advice faithfully, I plan to learn and much as I can and teach to spread the knowledge of yoga.